We are a locally owned, family run company, in the business of helping other families. In the last eighteen years we have established ourselves as the first name in financial aid. We act as an advocate for the family throughout the financial aid application process. It is our mission to insure that our clients receive all of the aid they are eligible to receive.

Helping families qualify for the maximum amount of financial aid
Let us guide you through the confusing maze of federal, state, local, and campus based assistance. We will complete all of the paperwork required to qualify for aid, early and accurately, implementing strategies to reduce your family’s out of pocket expenses. We have perfected a system to properly evaluate your assets and income. We routinely negotiate with financial aid departments to ensure that you are getting the best possible award.

The majority of our clients live in eastern Massachusetts
We also help a large number of families in southern New Hampshire and Rhode Island. In the last few years, we have expanded and are now able to take on clients from around the country. We currently have students receiving fantastic awards from most of the top private and state universities. Nobody sees more financial aid awards than we do. Our students attend Harvard, MIT, Columbia, George Washington, Brown, BU, BC, UNH, URI, UVM, and UMass, just to name a few. We have extensive, first hand experience working with all of the country’s top campuses.

If you have a student in their junior or senior year of high school
Now is the time to start preparing. Financial Aid is allocated on a first come/first serve basis.
The due dates for priority consideration will vary greatly from school to school. Students applying Early Decision will often need to submit documents by October 15 th; where as some state schools may not require the forms until mid-April of the following year. You want to be standing first in line, with maximum eligibility.

It is every parent’s dream to be able to send their children to the college of their choice
We have helped thousands of families achieve that dream. Next to your home, your child’s education is the largest investment your family will make. Don’t assume that your neighbor, accountant, or guidance counselor is an expert. Don’t assume that you will not qualify.
Avoid the most common and costly mistakes. We are the experts.

Call or E-mail with any questions
We start setting up appointments in September of the student’s senior year of high school.
This is a free in-home consultation. Please feel free to call with any questions pertaining to unique or specific situations. If we can help by just supplying simple answers to a couple of questions, we would be glad to. We have experience dealing with every type of student applicant. If you are applying to prep-school, grad school, are currently in college, or are being recruited for athletics, we can help.